Top Ten Reasons to Try Bo's Honey Brown Hot Sauce

Top Ten Reasons to Try Bo's Honey Brown Hot Sauce


As promised, our first Top Ten list is here! Setting up this website has been quite the challenge. So, thanks for hanging tight while we are constantly adding new things! 

This past week we have been working on our mailing list and getting Bo's Blog up and running. Now, we have Bo's Top Ten Tuesdays and we are also releasing our first issue of Honey Brown Low-Down, our weekly Newsletter. This week, we are featuring our own handcrafted hot sauce- Bo's Honey Brown Hot Sauce.

Let's get to it shall we?!

The Top Ten Reasons to Try Bo's Honey Brown Hot Sauce

    10. Bo's Honey Brown Hot Sauce won First Place in the National Buffalo Wing Fest competition in 2012. To win an award like that, it MUST be worth trying!
    9. Our customers have put our sauce on everything from pizza and wings to macaroni and cheese, burgers and chili. It's sort of like bacon- it tastes great with everything!
    8. You will be supporting small and local businesses well beyond our own. Our honey, garlic and jalapenos are all produced locally, if not in our own backyard! We put a lot of work into making sure the ingredients in our sauce are the best you can get.
    7. Speaking of honey, since we are supplied by local beekeepers, it is said that when a person eats local honey, they are thought to be ingesting local pollen. What this means is that over time the sensitivity a person has to this pollen may decrease, which could result in fewer seasonal allergy symptoms. Sign up for our weekly newsletter and check out this weeks issue to read more information on how hot sauce is beneficial to your health.
    6. You'll need more than one jar of Bo's Honey Brown Hot Sauce in your fridge, because when you break it out at that holiday party or summer BBQ, people won't stop eating it until it's gone. Trust us. We know.
    5. Did we mention Bo's Honey Brown Hot Sauce is award winning? We did? Well we're going to mention it again, because not only did it win First Place in 2012, but it also won First Place again in 2013!
    4. Bo's Honey Brown Hot Sauce is handcrafted to perfection. We put a lot of time and effort into growing, choosing, cutting and cooking our ingredients. We slave over our sauce for hours and hours to make sure each bottle is filled with amazing flavor and spice.
    3. Allergies have become a big concern in our day. Peanut, milk, soy, eggs, wheat, fish...the list goes on and on. Because of a gluten allergy in our own home, we wanted to create a sauce that people could use and not have to worry about it upsetting their stomach or having to use an alternative with absolutely no flavor. We are proud to market Bo's Honey Brown Hot Sauce as containing MILK only. If you're gluten free and you've been looking for a sauce with great flavor, look no further.
    2. We wanted a sauce that was more than just heat. It had to have flavor too. That's exactly what we did with Bo's Honey Brown Hot Sauce. We were tired of pouring that same dull sauce on our food. We kept the heat while adding amazing flavor! Sweet and spicy all in one!
    1. Bo's Honey Brown Hot Sauce has a one of a kind taste. As you just read above, it is carefully crafted mixing sweet honey, brown sugar and butter all together with the spice of jalapenos and bitterness of garlic. They simmer together until the taste is perfect. You may have tasted hundreds of hot sauces, but we guarantee that you have never tasted a sauce like ours!
      Check back next week for:  The Top Ten Hottest Hot Sauces on Earth


      Happy Eating!

      -The HBH Team

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