Below are some amazing ways our customers have used Bo's Honey Brown Hot Sauce at home. Do you have a photo of you using our sauce? How do you use Bo's Honey Brown Hot Sauce? Send us a photo at! We would love to feature your recipe or add your pictures to our page. 

    • Sophie from Real Foodie Family shared her amazing Wild Rice Summer Chicken Salad the picture to check it out!

    • Debbie: "Venison chili with some of your hot sauce "


    • Kara: "What's a Super Bowl without Bo's Honey Brown hot sauce?! Happy hubby. ;-)"
        • Lauren: "I had a Honey Brown Hot burger tonight, which is reasonable right? But the other day, I had Bo's Honey Brown Hot on my Annie's organic mac & cheese, not because the pasta was lacking, but because I had to satisfy my craving for the sauce. It's getting a little out of hand, maybe, but I'm not complaining."

          • Charles: "Mom's fried chicken topped with Bo's Honey Brown Hot Sauce."
            • Bridgett: "They were much better with your sauce that he got from mom for Christmas! So good!"
              • Rachael: "Breakfast made yummier"
                • Lorraine: "I add 3-4 Tablespoons of Bo's Honey Brown Hot Sauce to my meatball mixture before forming and cooking." Yum!


                • Lauren: "I put a pat of butter in the pan. I shake a generous splash of Honey BrownHot on top of the butter. I let it heat until the edges of this hot, buttery puddle are starting to seize up. I break an egg on top of this, and cook it all the way, and when I'm done eating it, I grieve because that was my last egg. I lick the pan."



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